Adjusted COVID Rules


Clubhouse – 1 person at a time, must be wearing a mask to enter.


Driving range – closed


Practice area – practice is permitted as long as social distancing is practiced at all times


Tee times – 15  minutes apart (not allowed to show up more than 10 minutes prior to your start time) not permitted to hang out after play unless you are waiting for takeout food from restaurant/café or at the practice area practicing social distance at all times. Max players per group will be 3.


Golf Course – Foam at the base of the flag allowing for easy removal without touching the flagstick the rakes have been removed from the bunkers.


Golf Carts – 1 rider per cart unless the players live in the same household. Carts sanitized before and after each use.


Employees – Must wear gloves and mask whenever in contact with customers or fellow employees. Practice safe hygiene and social distance.


Parking Lot – Reduced to half capacity to help maintain social distancing from the beginning to the end of the round of golf.


Overall Rules – Social distancing practiced by all staff and customers for the entire time they are at the golf course. Any one not following this rule can be removed from the golf course by staff. Marshall will be on the course from 11am to 5pm (peak time) to ensure the players are following the rules.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time

-Travis Evans

Beau Pre Golf Club